is digital currency minig legal

He is an award-winning journalist for business week and Bloomberg business week, and was a PR director at Netflix, a technology giant. Cliff Edwards was responsible for global marketing and public relations activities during his career at wave field Tron, including planning and helping sun win a charity lunch with Warren Buffet. Cred said that the addition of cliffedwards will accelerate cred's global expansion and market cooperation, and help lead future new users into the blockchain and digital asset world. According to the data of, cred is an open financial ecosystem of encrypted digital currency based on blockchis digital currency minig legalain technology. Cred has reached cooperation with a number of industry-leading companies and commercial insurance institutions. Cred's financial service products have landed and covered users in more than 170 countries around the world.

The public chain project qtum quantum chain is a blockchain for commercial applications. It creates simple and practical decentralized applications that can run on mobile devices and is compatible with the current mainstream blockchain ecosystem. Decentralized open-source smart contract platform and value transmission protocol; using the proof of rights and interests consensus mechanism, nodes get rewards by verifying transactions; communities can vote on the modification of some block parameters to achieve decentralized governance. Applications can interact in real time on mobile devices to create a real mobile DAPP! Quantum chain qtum quantum chain qtum quantum chain foundation qtum more CTO Zhong Wenbin said in TI's dialogue chief that qtum is studying a mechanism based on smart contract. As the main body of staging, smart contract can make profits without being online, and there is no security risk and single point of failure like centralized POS mining pool. On the other hand, the contract book is the same as that of centralized POS mining pool The code will also be subject to security review; the distribution of revenue will be guaranteed by smart contracts to avoid the uncertainty of off chain distribution; the way of revenue distribution of staging is flexible and programmable, such as it can obtain a certain bonus according to the lock-in time, or can be adjusted through the governance mechanism on the chain. Zhong Wenbin said that qtum will release detailed technical articles and upgrade proposals (QI) in the future P)。 In addition, he thinks that the consensus mechanism is not absolutely superior or inferior, but more to meet the actual needs, rather than his personal view that pow will be the mainstream, because the attribute of digital currency is a proven story in the industry, which is suitable for the use of pow mechanism. However, the platform attribute still has a long way to go, and the development of POS also depends on the development of the latter.

The Central Bank of New Zealand has issued a job advertisement calling for the new position of head of cais digital currency minig legalsh and money. According to the published job description, the position will focus on the future of currency and needs to be a digital currency expert,

Tencent News quoted people close to the central bank as saying that Forbes reported that digital currency would be launched to seven institutions on November 11, saying that the timing and scope of the statement were not reliable and were not accurate guesses. Link news found that Paul Schulte, the main source of the report, left China Construction Bank Asia Limited in 2012 and is now the founder of a research institute in Hong Kong.

Hainan will actively strive for the applicatiois digital currency minig legaln of the legal digital currency pilot in the cross-border trade, cross-border investment and financing and penetrating supervision of Hainan free trade port. Lianwen previously reported that in mid August, Hainan provincial Party committee free trade port launched the "smart Hainan master plan (2020-2025)". The plan proposes to optimize and strengthen the Internet, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new digital industries, promote offshore entrepreneurship and innovation and cross-border data services, and create an open digital economy innovation highland that is legalized, internationalized and convenient for business environment, and radiates the countries along the 21st century Maritime Silk Road.

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