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The opinions put forward to vigorously support social forces to participate in financial innovation and development, including supporting the innovative application of blockchain technology and digital currency. Science and technology enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with innovation institutions such as Shenzhen Institute of financial science and technology to jointly deveDigital currency optionslop the underlying technology of blockchain and promote the innovative application of blockchain technology in digital currency, anti-counterfeiting authentication, cross-border payment and other fields. Through government funding and other forms, we will accelerate the breakthrough of mobile payment and terminal security related to digital currency.

Its original share will be shared by other continuing participants. The Marshall Islands sovereign currency (SOV), known as the world's first national digital currency, will be built using algorand technology, Lianwen reported yesterday, adding that SOV will circulate with the US dollar in the country to help Marshall Islands operate efficiently in the global economy.

South Korea's central bank announced in its 2020 monetary policy document released on Friday that it would recruit more experts to study digital currencies to strengthen the country's payment and settlement system. At the same time, the bank will continue to studyDigital currency options blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and central bank digital currency (CBDC) to play the role of supervisor to enhance the security of the settlement system. Earlier this month, Bank of Korea announced that it was recruiting digital currency experts, but an anonymous official at the time said the recruitment was not based on the issuance of CBDC. Bank of Korea has always been cautious about issuing CBDC,

Hyperpayhyperpayhyperpay is a technology enterprise that aims to bring inclusive financial services to the world. It was first registered in Melbourne, Australia. The digital wallet project was launched in 2017 and officially launched in February 2018,

ACALA announced the establishment of the first global decentralized financial ecological alliance, ACALA consortium, which will become the open cross chain financial infrastructure of Polkadot ecosystem. In order to bring new stability and liquidity to the global digital currency, the primary goal of ACALA network is to realize a multi asset mortgage stable currency platform with cross chain function based on substrate, and use it to all public chain, alliance chain and private chain through encryption on Polkadot netDigital currency optionswork, which greatly improves financial openness and reduces transaction and trust costs. For this reason, ACALA network announced that it would release two products. The first product is a decentralized cross chain multi mortgage asset stable currency platform based on the horizon protocol, and the other product is to develop a product based on the HOMA protocol,

Oceanex, the digital asset trading platform, announced the launch of cryptofarm digital farm, a digital wealth management product. The first phase of its product, chain only, chain only, vechain project was launched in 2015. It is committed to adhering to the concept of synergy and using blockchain + Internet of things technology to create a trusted distributed business environment with transparent information, efficient collaboration and high-speed value transmission. As the world's leading enterprise friendly blockchain public chain platform, Raytheon public chain platform independently designed and developed by only chain has a perfect economic model and a strong governance structure, which ensures that the blockchain technology is reasonably implemented and provides enterprises and individuals with a complete set of convenient, safe and reliable blockchain solutions. At present, only chain has established branches and offices in seven countries and regions, including Luxemburg, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Paris, California and Singapore. Together with our strategic partners, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and dnvgl, we have established partnerships with leading companies in different industries. Partners include BMW, Renault, BYD, Wal Mart China, bright group, d.i.g., DB Schenker, PICC, etc. See more vechain. Oceanex said that cryptofarm is provided by professional asset management companies to ensure low-risk assets and stable returns, including bitcoin, Ethereum, letcoin and vichain. Users can directly access the information needed in online wallets in cryptofarm and simply handle the combination of crypto currency assets. According to, oceanex is a digital currency asset trading and investment platform under the ecology of chain only vechain. The core team members are from Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, etc. the platform is equipped with bank level SSL security technology and advanced machine learning algorithm, which can actively detect attacks and protect users' assets and transactions.

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