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Moreover, it is realized through distributed architecture, which will not be a centralized system; 4. The boundary between alliance chain and public chain will be further blurred; 5. The concept of chain understood by the market will disappear, and the data center of each business entity will automatically generate chain relationship with other data centerdigital currency group subsidiariess according to business logic, so as to reconstruct today's Internet.

According to Yonhap, the Bank of Korea (the country's central bank) plans to set up and test the CBDC pilot system next year. In July this year, the Bank of Korea completed the design / demand and technical review based on the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), and on this basis, promoted the CBDC work process analysis and external consultation of the second phase project. The third phase will check whether the CBDC system can operate normally in the restricted environment. In addition to issuing CBDC, the Bank of Korea also decided to review the technical and legal requirements for the introduction of CBDC, and run the CBDC test system to cope with changes in the internal and external payment environment. Lianwen previously reported that in March this year, South Korea has launched a 22 month digital currency pilot program. In May, the Bank of Korea released a research report on the development status of foreign central banks' digital money (focusing on the progress of Technology Research), and said that it would use the latest IT technology such as decentralization technology in the future digital currency experiment, so as to innovate and develop the future payment and settlement system. In June, the Bank of Korea set up the central bank digital currency legal advisory group to help review and revise legal issues related to the central bank's digital currency.

Ohana cannabis, a California compliant cannabis merchant, announced the use of credit credit red, formerly known as libracredit, to help borrowers achieve global encryption to encryption and encryption to legal loans, subject to regulatory approval. In ordigital currency group subsidiariesder to improve acceptance and promote adoption, libracredit will initially act as a loan guarantor for banks, funds and other financial institutions and private investors such as high asset groups. then,

In the video conference of the second half of 2019, when defining the key work of the second half of the year, he said that we should accelerate the pace of research and development of China's legal digital currency (DC / EP), track and study the development trend of virtual currency at home and abroad, and continue to strengthen the rectification of Internet financial risks. On March 28, 2018, the national monetary gold and silver work teleconference was held in 2018. It was pointed out that the central bank should steadily promote the research and development of digital currency. A working paper published by the central bank on April 3 also mentioned that the central bank's digital currency is conducive to the implementation of the negative interest rate policy. (Note: DC / EP refers to digital currency / electronic payment)

According to the analysis and research of the block, the coinbasearn blockchain teaching platform of the exchange's coinbase has issued more than $200000 Dai awards, which has also brought significant user growth to makerdao platform. Coinbaseean is a teaching platform that provides an introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Users can earn corresponding tokens by watching their teaching content. Dai related courses can obtain a total of $20 Dai. The platform has supported six types of tutorials, including Zrx, bat, Zec, XLM, EOS and Dai. Dai is a stable currency that can be issued with the U.S. dollar through the makerdao protocol. Users can exchange other digital currency collateral for Dai by creating a contract called a mortgage bond position (CDP). According to the block analysis, users have created about 14700 CDPS, accounting for 40% of the total number of CDPS in history after coinbaseean launched Dai activities. Less than 10% of these CDPS are not created correctly, and these users may not operate accurately just to earn Dai. But on the whole, the activity has brought significantdigital currency group subsidiaries user growth to makerdao platform and popularized CDP to more people,

The HKMA said that it is working with the digital currency Institute to test the technology of cross-border payment using digital RMB and make corresponding technical preparations. Although there is no timetable for the launch of digital RMB, it is believed that it will provide an additional payment method option for residents of both places who need cross-border retail consumption in the future.

Kucoin is committed to providing users with convenient, safe and comprehensive digital asset trading and conversion services. Since its establishment in September 2017, kucoin is known as the people's exchange, and has always maintained a trend of rapid growth. Kucoin platform is safe and reliable, easy to use, and quick to withdraw cash. It supports multi language, 7 × 24-hour customer service throughout the year, and creates and operates user communities in many countries and regions around the world. Its special services include: invitation reward; incentive incentive incentive (KCS incentive); one of the global mainstream exchanges supporting Neo trading pairs; and non mandatory KYC verification Kucoin has grown rapidly and achieved gratifying results. At present, kucoin has more than 5 million registered users, with a daily transaction volume of up to 320 million US dollars. Kucoin is recognized by many users and professionals in the industry for its safety, reliability, high quality and good reputation. The incentive fund is the platform transaction fee reward obtained bydigital currency group subsidiaries holding KCs (no less than 6). Kucoin uses 50% of the total daily transaction fee of the platform to purchase KCs directly from the secondary market, and distributes it to users in the form of new kucoin incentive every day. The most intimate community service in the industry, professionals are always there to answer users' doubts. At the same time, kucoin is ahead of other exchanges in mining high-quality projects. Kucoinkcs has announced the launch of kumex, a digital currency derivatives trading platform, and opened the bitcoin perpetual contract xbtusdm, with a maximum of 20 times leverage. Kumex will conduct a 3-week public test of the simulation disk, and deposit 1xbt (i.e. 1btc) test currency into each user account for user transaction. Kumex will rank according to the user's rate of return. The total amount of activity reward in the first week is 10000 KCs.

At a meeting of the House Financial Services Committee's financial technology working group on Thursday, U.S. representative Tom emmer said the Federal Reserve should be more open to its research and development of central bank digital currency (CBDC),

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